The company has been instituted in September 3rd in year 2002 in the name of "Apadanaceram" and registered in the company’s registration and industrial ownership department of Tehran. According to ratification of general assembly, the type of company changed from private to public stock. The Apadanaceram factory is located in kilometer 13 of Buin Zahra-Qazvin Road. The main purpose of the company is to produce different kind of tiles by taking advantage of modern technology. The nominal annual capacity of the company is 30 million m2 of various type of tiles including: double fired wall tile, unglazed porcelain and glazed porcelain. By meeting this great capacity of production, Apadanaceram will be counted among the hugest global producers of this product. Enormity of the project is so great that after its commissioning, Apadanaceram will be considered among the first 10 big producers of tile all over the world. According to immense economic policies of the country based on non-petroleum export and also establishing projects with high capacity in order to reduce the cost price and then being able to compete with foreign rivals, and penetration to global market, the mentioned project is a big step toward economic policies of this country. General purposes of this project are as follow: Creating opportunities for occupation Improving economical and welfare conditions in the area Technical knowledge and advanced technology transfer Making profit for investors To achieve the mentioned purposes, the company decided to cooperate with a foreign partner to: Transfer of new technical knowledge of the industry to the company Good training of man power and obtaining skilled man power in the country Right to use the famous and successful brand of foreign partner Apadanaceram Company will produce about 90,000 m2 per day of various types of tiles and ceramics and can produce 30 million m2 tiles annually in general. Total area of the lands owned by Apadanaceram is about 130 Hectares that about 205000 square meters of this area is allocated to the production halls. In order to meet such production plan the following machines are installed: 8 ball-mills, 7 spray driers, 27 presses, 26 vertical driers, 28 glaze lines, and 18 kilns which makes this factory unique all over the world. This company is striving to become one of the great tile and ceramics manufacturers with high quality. Apadanaceram aims to present its matchless products in global market with the highest quality and the most competitive prices besides charging the market inside the country. The company is able to produce simultaneously wall and floor double fired tiles and also glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles by the most advanced technology. The international supplier of the technology and machineries of Apadanaceram is "SACMI" from Italy. This company is one of the greatest machinery manufacturers in the field of ceramic industry in the world which has been instituted in 1919.
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No. 8., Gol Dasht No.1, Goldsht Street, after Sheikh Bahayi crossroad, Ave. Mulla Sadra, Tehran


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42 km. Bouin Zahra Road, Qazvin

(028) 33880603